Minnesota Based Manufacturing


PolyGuard Scientific was born out of our love for plastics fabrication and design. For over 50 years, Aeromat Plastics has manufactured a wide range of thermoplastic components varying from simple to extraordinarily complex. That experience was leveraged to design a line of polypro casework that is not only beautiful and functional, but cost effective.

In addition - we offer quick lead times, and a variety of material options. From flame-retardant polypropylene to PVC, we have the material to fit your application.


Made from 100% Polypropylene


PolyGuard Scientific casework is typically made from solid virgin stress relieved white polypropylene. Because of this, our cabinets contain no metal, and will never rust or corrode! We also manufacture cabinets from flame retardant polypros such as CP-5 (UL94-V0) and CP-7D (FM 4910). 



What is Polypropylene?

A thermoplastic polymer...It's Plastic!

"Polypro" is one of the most commonly used thermoplastics made today. You can find it all over the place, in kitchen utensils, car batteries, clothes, and of course laboratory casework!  Polypropylene’s characteristics make it ideal for tough, robust products ranging from protective car bumpers to life-saving medical tools to cold-weather gear for our soldiers. We of course use it to manufacture durable laboratory cabinets. 

Why Polypropylene?

Rust Free. Chemical resistant. durable.

"Polypro" casework is used for a lot of different reasons -  Excellent chemical resistance properties make it great for corrosive environments. The fact that it is metal free means it will never rust, which makes it ideal for trace metal analysis labs. Plus, it is incredibly durable and stain resistant, so it will continue to look and work great for years!


Need something custom? No problem!


Since all our casework is CNC machined and hand welded, customization is highly encouraged! We have design staff waiting to help tailor your casework to your space. No added lead times. No added customization costs.